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COVID-19. HMFD. H1N1. Virus. Bacteria.

Keep these away. Not your visitors.
We help keep your event safe.
Virus Studies
We use the world's best antimicrobial coating & film in the market.
Protective Gear
World First:
Quantum Resonance Hybrid Nano Formulation.

Quantum-Ion uses fusion resonance technology, where it is charged using a proprietary process using an optimal frequency spectrum. Pathogens like bacteria, viruses, mold, fungi, and algae will be eliminated under this fusion resonance condition.

Kill Zone
3 to 5mm from
coated surface

Quantum Resonance Frequency.JPG

The Quantum-Ion is able to break down VOCs & pathogen even before they come into contact with the Quantum-Ion coated layer.

The main ingredients of Quantum Ion are Copper Ionic, Nano Silver, Photocatalyst (Brookite Titanium Dioxide) with a specially formulated binder. 

Most Effective.

24/7 nonstop killing of bacteria and viruses for as long as one year.

Image by CDC
Air Purifying.

Effective removal of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC).

Image by Eli DeFaria

Effective removal of foul smells caused by food and bacteria.

Fast application.

Clean surface. Coat. Rest for 30 minutes. That’s it.

Virus Studies
All the above.

Certified in international labs with 99.99% bacteria and virus kill rate.

Electronic Screens? We have the solution.

Powered by Nanoveu Film, an antimicrobial clear film that destroys viruses and bacteria in minutes,

Nanoveu How it Works.JPG

Copper (Cu) has been widely known to be an antimicrobial material. 

With Nanoveu's proprietary technology, they have supercharged it. By using nanoparticles, the active surface area is increased, reducing disinfection time.

24/7 Protection
Providing peace of mind to all your visitors.
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